1) Organic  -  /[awr-gan-ik]/

of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


(2) Biodynamic - [bio-dy-nam-ic]

relating to a system of farming that follows a sustainable, holistic approach which uses only organic, usually locally-sourced materials for fertilizing and soil conditioning, views the farm as a closed, diversified ecosystem, and often bases farming activities on lunar cycles.


(3) Biodiversity - [bio-di-ver-si-ty]

the diversity of plant and animal life in a particular habitat (or in the world as a whole).

Our veggie garden is a daily work by the soil, sun and rain. We believe in the natural circle and  seed's power. We only try, with ancient things such as mulch and manure to help plant's growth but we let Mother nature do the greatest job. We love to think of ourselves like trustful pickers.

At Casagori, animals are essential for the natural productive inner circle, organic and biodynamic. They are our fertilizer, biodiversity and truly richness. All of our animals carry out a great job inside our farm, nourishing and restoring the soil.  Hens, geese, ducks, cows and sheep; the perfect framing of our farm.

As the bees can collect the essence of a flower without damaging its colour or perfume, in the same way a wise man should approached the world. Without bees everything that surround us could easily disappear and this is not a catchphrase but the actual truth. For this reason we consider our bees so essential for us. We let them to do their job, trying to not interfere with something they know much better than us, they are able to spot sunflowers, ivy, clover and many other wild flowers they need to create their magic products; all we do is to move the beehives in the forest and leave them in peace, well not much work if you consider what we get in exchange: incredible sweet honey but also propolis and pollen that we use as natural antibacterials for our plants.

Living is like to be a ear of wheat waved by the wind on a Tuscan hill. We grow few different varieties of forgotten grains; wheat and cereals that we do not know any more cause the easy access to industrial products from supermarkets. The fact is that exactly in these ancient grains, once cultivated by our grandfathers, that we can find the most amount of nutritional, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory that our bodies needs. We are what we eat. That's banal but extremely true. We beleave that's time to eat in a different way, an healthy and sustainable way. For us and for our Planet because we are much more connected than what we think.

The olive groves of our farm are our friends and our companions. They’ve been here far longer than us and they will be there when we are long gone, in their rightful place. From their austere beauty we harvest by hand the fruits of their labor, the olives. Our oil is a blend of the classic Tuscan varieties of olives; Frantoio, Oriolo and Leccino. We cold press the olives within just hours of being harvested from the trees. This is not because we are in a hurry, quite to the contrary. This is in order for us to respect the olive and maintain the most of the innate sensory stimulating qualities held in that olive. Those qualities like the sight being the brilliant color that reflects our beloved Val d’Orcia, the feel being the texture, the smell of complex herbaceous notes, intense and fragrant and the taste a harmony between bitter and spiciness.