<< My ambition is limited to a clod of soil, at the sprouting wheat, at an olive tree. At CasaGori we take care of everything that surrounds us but we don't interfere with it; we let the soil, water and sun to do most of the work, as they always did, they are our best work mates. Needs only to listen and respect them to achieve great results. to those elements we entrust 30 hectares in the heart of Tuscany, just outside of Pienza, so they could express themselves in the best way possible. Our has been a successful choice. In here nothing is artificial, fertilizers and herbicide is provided by our animals, bees are our stronger employees; we don't produce grapes, olives or hops, we just harvest them at the right moment and we transform them in wine, olive oil and beer. Everywhere should be like this. Balance, respect for natural elements, harmony with what surrounds us , we believe it should be the fundamental basement, but seems to be the exception instead.
It was my father's dream, it is my life. >>